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The Lumenere Group (TLG) boosts revenue for businesses targeting affluent clients by creating meaningful & memorable customer experiences

Boost Growth by 30% with Elevated Experiences

In today's digital age, top-tier customers still value in-person engagement.Elite brands know in-person experiences are crucial, but lack of expertise leads to missed growth opportunities. Current efforts focus on logistics over emotional impact, failing to captivate discerning clientele.


70% of succesful Sales are driven by how customers feel

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What makes TLG Unique?

The Lumenere Group (TLG) is unique because we create impactful Customer Acquisition and Engagement initiatives for companies catering to discerning customers.Our deep understanding of the affluent mindset, psychology, and desires makes us leaders at in-person marketing.

Maximize Your Impact

We stand out by blending behavioral psychology with strategic experience design, optimizing every in-person interaction.This approach drives Sales, reinforces brand loyalty, and ignites word-of-mouth marketing.

"By integrating behavioral psychological with experience design, every interaction becomes an opportunity for growth."

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Our Services

The Lumenere Group (TLG) is your end-to-end strategic partner, specializing in face-to-face marketing for affluent audiences. Offering comprehensive solutions from initial strategy, experience design, execution and post-event analysis.We collaborate with ambitious organizations that recognize the power of our unique approach, achieving 25-47% revenue growth in their businesses and customer engagement.

Sales & Engagement

Strengthen client relationships, drive revenue, foster loyalty, and ignite word-of-mouth marketing for significant ROI.

Retention & Loyalty

Custom retention programs leveraging psychology to boost brand loyalty and enhance customer retention.

Brand Exposure & ENGAGEMENT

We design impactful events and experiences that drive engagement, boost loyalty, and ignite word-of-mouth buzz.

Capital Growth & FUNDRAISING

Experiences designed for growth through investment or fundraising, ensuring substantial impact and value.

73% consider customer experience crucial in their purchasing decisions.

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Maximize Your Investments

Many companies launch events without fully capitalizing on them. The Result?
Stop wasting your investments! TLG transforms your existing events into growth engines using behavioral psychology and market insights for real results.

Case Studies

At TLG, we don't just plan events—we transform your customer interactions into revenue. Our deep understanding of experience design allows us to create experiences that drive measurable business results.Boost revenue, enhance loyalty, and gain a competitive edge with TLG as your strategic partner in success.

Case Study - CIMB

CIMB Preferred Bank's 10-day initiative uses targeted psychology to deepen relationships and acquire new HNW clients, boosting ROI.

Case Study - KYGO

TLG and Avex Asia transforms concerts into an unparalleled VIP experience, catering to discerning clients.

Case Study - Sansiri

Sansiri uses our consumer psychology to create unforgettable experiences and acquire high-net-worth clients, for their luxury properties.

Case Study - Private Club

Private Member's club uses our experience design to deepen engagement and drive referrals, leveraging psychology to attract affluent members.

Case Study - Spiderman

The collaboration between Sony Pictures and Earth Hour leverages our experience design to amplify a movie premiere and promote environmental awareness.

Each case study reflects our strategic and experiential capabilities, offering insights into our processes and the impactful results we achieve. For privacy, some images are recreated with Generative AI technology, ensuring confidentiality while visually showcasing our work.

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Unleash Your Growth Potential

We offer more than just event planning.TLG provides a strategic approach that integrates behavioral psychology with customer insights to engineer experiences that deliver measurable revenue and sets your brand apart .

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